Parent Information Evening – Paul Dillon

Dates: 6th July 2022

Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Risk taking’ – why do teens do the things they do? What can parents do to keep them as safe as possible?

Adolescence is a risky time. As a teen matures and becomes more independent, they experience dramatic hormonal changes, increasing social and peer pressure and have greater access to alcohol and other drugs.

This presentation will briefly examine the history of ‘teenagers’, rebellion and the different ‘temptations’ that have existed over time. Using the latest research on the developing brain, it will also discuss why young people make the decisions they do during this time. Sleepovers, parties and gatherings provide teens with valuable opportunities to develop important socialising skills but are not ‘risk-free’.

Some practical strategies and tips for parents considering allowing their teens to attend such events to help ensure they are as safe as possible.